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Dwight Campbell is one of the world’s top emerging photographers. We partnered for his inaugural solo show at Facet Gallery, in the US state of Georgia, in November 2017, bringing a unique experience of the people of Madagascar.

It was Dwight’s creative direction that led him to require a a writer for content in the form of wall panel text honouring the complexities of his images. Also for a complementing creative essay.

An enthusiast of my writing on social media, Dwight pinged me.

I was on board.

I created explanations and stories to be displayed throughout the show. Also a critical essay about life on the island nation – central to Dwight’s curation.

We enhanced the visitor experience in a clear, friendly and astute way.

I couldn’t forget to Americanise Americanize it all, too.

The launch was on fire. So much so that we are planning a book to be released in 2018.

Samples of output, below.



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