Video Script & Direction


AbleChildAfrica hosted their ‘Celebration of Sport Gala’: a fundraiser to recognise the incredible effects physical activity can have on disabled children in Africa. These children also happen to be among some of the poorest in the world. Not so relatable for those dressed to the nines at a 5* venue in the centre of London, right?

I set about bringing the charity’s humble mission to life. A good ol’ nudge to guests gossiping over bubbly, of the reason they were actually invited.

I worked with US-based humanitarian photographer Madison Rahhal to collect a host of stories and images of children in Tanzania. And going through the final storybank at hand, Malakai stuck out as special for the video. The charity helped change Malakai’s life through sport and schooling; and his smile would look wonderful on the big screen!

My script was guided by the emotions I intended to stir on the evening. It also took into account the order of the evening and guest profiles.

Madison ‘got it’ fast. Two weeks of exchanges, tweaks and re-edits, and we completed the video.

First, it moved the entire office to tears.

Then, on the night, it got the entire room weepy: droplets sparkled like small diamonds falling from jawlines to tuxedo collars.

The night ended as the highest income total in the charity’s annual gala history.

Production: Madison Rahhal