Brand Development


BONSAiCREW knew they were a breath of fresh air in the luxury events sector. But being so new, they needed to be noticed alongside tried and trusted names.

My brief was to promote them as a natural choice; a friendly brand image quite ‘like a family’. So I did.

First, I made sure to familiarise myself with the floral industry, competitors, types of services and products. With this I proposed a fresh website (reflecting the natural materials they work with) and a simple yet effective portfolio range (to appeal to an array of new businesses in the sector).

To complement this I guided their social media presence on Instagram, building rapport with their desired customer base. And I created a compelling PowerPoint pitch so they could go into meetings armed with visual aids for the first time ever.

It’s less than a year one and the company has grown its client base five-fold: working for the Chelsea Flower Show, being on the winning team installing Chelsea in Bloom 2017, and securing work under the Queen’s florist too!

We continue to work together, particularly on seasonal business development. Next, a Christmas campaign!

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